Founded in December 2013, OlympicIdea offers its Members discounts, deals and huge shopping advantages when shopping offline or online. OlympicIdea stands in the middle between consumers and merchants and provides tools for both sides. It creates a Win-Win situation for every member of this private community involved. OlympicIdea has created a network which consits from Club Members (the consumers) and Loyalty Merchants so that they can both benefit: Members (Consumers) are eligible for discounts, while Loyalty Merchants advertise and use online tools, so that they gain more loyal customers. Members of OlympicIdea are granted special benefits when joining.

OlympicIdea initial milestone was to help Small or Medium Enterprices to stand out from the competition, by providing them special online tools, that are easy to use and assign representatives to help them out use these tools wisely for their own promotion. It all started from Greece, due to the fact that Greece is one of the countries with the bigest percentage of Small or Medium Enterprises around the world.

Contact Information & Address
Olympic Idea LLC is a registered Company in Delaware USA


2701 Centerville Road,
New Castle County,
Wilmington, Delaware 19808,

Our Vision

OlympicIdea's vision is to have satisfied consumers that are saving on great discounts and deals every month, out of the registered Merchants. Our plans are to expand in all countries that lots of Small or Medium Sized merchants exist, and help them acquire very good promotion tools and new clients at a very descent price.
Olympic Idea ΟΛΥΜΠΙΑΚΗ ΙΔΕΑ OLYMPIC IDEA COM OLIMPIAKI IDEA VIDEO ΠΛΗΡΟΦΟΡΙΕΣ Προγράμματα Εγγραφής ΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΙΚΟ ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΗΜΑΤΙΚΟ ΠΛΑΝΟ Olympicidea ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΗΣΕΙΣ ΚΑΤΑΝΑΛΩΤΕΣ ΧΡΗΜΑΤΑ ΛΕΦΤΑ ΑΠΑΤΗ Olympic Idea ΟΛΥΜΠΙΑΚΗ ΙΔΕΑ OLYMPIC IDEA Olympicidea - Olympic Idea Video olimpiaki idea Internet Marketing ηλεκτρονικό εμπόριο Προεγγραφή στην OlympicIdea ΟΛΥΜΠΙΑΚΗ ΙΔΕΑ Olympicidea - Olympic Idea

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